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Christmas make-up tips

Every new Christmas brings back old traditions, even when it comes to make-up. Gold and red are a must during the festive seasons. Premium brands like Dior have taken this on board and have included red and gold eye-shadows, lipsticks and nail varnish to match your Christmas ensemble.

Gold and light, a state of Gold. This limited edition collection by Dior bears a glitzy title in tune with the 2015 celebrations. Make-up can help show your mood and attitude. This winter, Dior’s women are covered in gold under Peter Philips’ artful supervision. Dior’s Make-up director has given it his all, with gold variations producing a lustrous and shimmering aura around the face. A soft, luxurious and mysterious glow emanates from these hues, giving you a magnetic allure.

By enhancing women’s most precious side, Peter Philips has produced a fascinating collection for Dior, with heaps of gold variations. Surrounded by a the festive atmosphere, a new expression of luxury has emerged and opens a door onto a bright world where shadows and lights interlock, gold meshes with grey, platinum with blood red, fresh pink with silver. As always, colours are given a place of honour and appear to be dancing on fabrics, creating sublime reflections.