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Photos signed by photographer Juergen Teller

Etro’s mysterious and multicultural charm is told through the shots of international photographer Juergen Teller.
A narration through images in which the Etro style takes on new meanings in a metropolitan atmosphere of a Berlin square, marking the line between reality and imagination.

The Etro style, with a unique folk and eclectic mind, has always been the expression of his passion for travel, history, exoticism and culture.

The Etro collections are an explosion of colors and decorations and are distinguished by the originality of materials. The pattern which faithfully reflects this goal is paisley, the drop-shaped motif that has ancient origins in Mesopotamia. But not only: the new Etro collection is inspired by the city and urban jungle. In a square in Berlin, Juergen Teller’s photos tell of a dream vision of the city, which is the background behind Etro’s unmistakable design: lively, sophisticated and multicultural.

Etro relies on this advertising campaign through Juergen Teller’s mastery, a true revolutionary in fashion photography. Bringing in a new aesthetics, Juergen Teller was one of the first to introduce the concept of realism in fashion. His photos enhance everyday life, the photographic gesture depicts the world in its most real and unusual aspects, rethinking aesthetics. Women and men are portrayed in the intimacy of places and everyday situations, sometimes deliberately imperfect, shown in their naked beauty, sometimes without resorting to post production.

Juergen celebrates unconventional beauty, which can be dreamed of but in a real way that fits in perfectly with Etro’s creative thinking and intellectual style.