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Contemporary Art at Forte Belvedere in Florence

From 2 June to 1 October Florence hosts Ytalia, an impressive collective exhibition of contemporary Italian art set up in the scenic Forte Belvedere.

Italy is a republic based on art and beauty; you could even say that it is a republic founded and refounded by artists. In Assisi, in the upper Basilica, Cimabue wrote Ytalia at the margins of a representation of cities, certainly Rome, where some buildings are still recognisable: Castel Santangelo, perhaps San Pietro or San Giovanni in Laterano, the Pantheon, the Senate and the Tower. With that name, Cimabue states that the national boundaries between 1280 and 1290 are first artistic and then political, and that national identity is made up of classical and humanistic culture, pagan beauty and Christian spirituality. In the end, little has changed over the centuries. Italy is still the country of art and beauty today.

The Ytalia exhibition offers national and international audiences alike the opportunity to confront some of the greatest Italian artists of our time, raising important issues, as well as emotions and thoughts. Three key words – energy, thought and beauty – serve to orient spectators among formal values, alliterations and conceptual differences, techniques, linguistic and non-linguistic materials.

There are about one hundred works on show at Forte Belvedere, a venue frequented and admired by thousands of people of different nationalities every day. In addition, at Ytalia, some artists have been asked to create site-specific works that communicate with their surroundings. The basic idea is to give birth to a true contemporary museum spread in the historic center of the city and joining inside and outside, medieval and renaissance art, museums and gardens, funerary chapels and political space, galleries and studios, cloisters and crypts.