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What to choose at The Mall

Autumn at The Mall is the perfect place to choose your dream bag, which can be glamorous, luxurious, decorated or embroidered with exclusive materials, for him and for her. Come and explore the selection of Coach, Bottega Veneta and Roberto Cavalli bags.

Boasting exceptional craftsmanship, precious materials and elaborate details, Bottega Veneta creations speak for themselves, and play up any wearer by inspiring trust and individuality. The only Bottega Veneta signature is its quintessential leather motif, the Intrecciato – interlaced. Developed since the beginnings of Bottega Veneta, it continues to be its most recognizable element, adapted and reinterpreted in various types of leather and materials of different colours. The result is always the same – an unequivocal expression of the Maison.

The highest refinement from the Italian manufacture comes in the collection of soft leather accessories by Roberto Cavalli with decorations in thin logo. Elegance and sumptuousness blend together, creating a perfect line of bags, clutch bags, small leather goods, shoulder bags and travel items. The RC monogram alternates with the silver-coloured buckle on the front, paying homage to the traditional baptism celebrated in Florentine aristocratic houses.

Coach is the symbol of American fashion and style. New York’s urban and contemporary character is reflected in its bags. Like the dreamer model, the A-bag offers everything to the woman who does everything, inspired by the unlimited possibilities of New York City. The Dinky on the other hand is a modern interpretation of a much loved model from the 70s.
This authentic modern icon is made with the finest materials and hides a secret purse with a click-clack inside. The Signature model is much more than a simple reason – it is an integral part of our identity. This season it comes revisited and re-contextualized on new bags, prêt-à-porter and more.