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Philipp Plein heats the cold season

Leather is Philipp Plein’s favourite fashion material. Black, glamor, daring in many variations and workmanship, it’s just the right choice for winter.

Philipp Plein has instantly become accustomed to a transgressive, penetrating and memorable style to dress the strong men and women of the new millennium. His creations are for people who intuitively choose the extraordinary things of life. His inspiration is human creativity, with the express intent of creating trends, not just to follow them. This strong belief has contributed to making Philipp Plein an international point of reference for fashion and lifestyle.

Extravagant inspirations, devotion to beauty and passion for rock and roll are the strong features that have led Philipp Plein to give birth to a brand known for his unbridled luxury. With only one goal, that of creating perfect collections for those who want to live their life as a work of art.

In Philipp Plein’s fashion world, men and women become contemporary heroes preparing to conquer the world with strength and bravado. His luxurious creations embody this experienced game of modern contrasts. Mix together glossy black leather, crocodile and python black laces and studs, and out comes a bondage flavour and a bomber lined with silver fox or python. Silver and silver chains are drawn from the hip hop world to ensure a precious and sparkling effect. Metal in the hands of Philipp Plein is a symbol of power, artfully and majestically used on accessories and outerwear like a shiny and resistant waterfall sitting lightly on the skin, making any garment stand out while lighting up the nights of contemporary warriors.