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The little Venice of the Mediterranean

Livorno is often overshadowed by the other Tuscan capitals, in reality it hides a particular charm, conferred perhaps by its being a place of passage, a seaside city, seat of consulates and shipping companies.

Here you can still find the layout given to it by the Medici between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: the pentagonal walls surrounded by navigable ditches, the characteristic red fortifications including the Old Fortress, the Duomo and the Via Grande famous for its arcades .

There are many attractions and places that Livorno offers, but above all we advise you to discover its sense of humor, its excellent cuisine and the characteristic “ditches”.

The canals, just like the typical ones in Venice, are like small streets. They are a symbol of the city, in 2002 they became part of the Unesco World Heritage Site. One of the best ways to visit Livorno is to travel through its ditches with a boat and discover glimpses that would otherwise remain hidden.

The Central Market is probably one of the most interesting architectural structures that combines iron with glass. The market hosts more than 200 food stalls and more: we recommend to stop there around lunchtime or for an aperitif to savor traditional fish dishes and fully enjoy its energy.

The Mascagni Terrace, with its characteristic black and white checkered floor, is one of the most representative places on the Tuscan coast: a truly beautiful square overlooking the sea from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

Last but not least, a visit to Livorno is definitely worth a visit for the Cacciucco: an authentic local institution. You can choose both with and without fish with bone; traditionally are used fishes leftovers or less valuable ones, cooked for a long time and served with toasted bread, flavored with garlic.

An authentic city, like its habitants, which makes its diversity the real attraction: ironic and never banal, it manages to surprise for its simplicity and beauty.