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A nuance for any temperature

Green undergrowth, military green and green olives are just some of the shades of a colour that suits any season and any temperature, nonetheless a bold choice embraced by Ermanno Scervino, Moschino, Pomellato and Coach, which seeks to describe combative, clever personalities and young adventurers.

The history of green crosses cultures and generations, a colour that comes directly from nature and its riches. Natural colours in shades of wood were easily found even in ancient times, giving birth to a workmanship that is rooted in tradition and the art of dyeing fabrics. Green has been matched to historical events, deeply changing the feeling of an era and its people, like the 1940s military green which was worn by women to express solidarity with soldiers. In the 1960s it was considered a unisex color, suitable for celebrating the sexual and social revolution of those years. In the 2000s it has come back to the fore as a symbol of environmental awareness. But military green is still tightly linked to the uniforms that Ermanno Scervino brings back for a vaguely retro collection.

Moschino uses a much brighter variation of green, with his unmistakable, irreverent and nonconforming style. A loaded, gritty and sparkling nuance that is close to light emerald. At Coach green is a precious, changing colour, often used by Native Americans for decorations and jewels, but used by Coach in accessories, where green naturally adapts to vibrant silvers.
Pomellato conceives green in its infinite shades of light that move from smooth tones of opal green to olive-green, a sensual colour that reveals all of its narrative power in the transparency of perfectly cut stones, embellished with glittering gold.