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Warm texture and soft pattern

Get ready for the winter with the warmest and most enveloping fabrics that many brands offer following the seasonal trends. Here is a list of the most iconic fabrics


The breathable and waterproof gabardine represents a real revolution in clothing. The Burberry trench uses gabardine as the main material and was invented during the First World War. The functional design includes shoulder pads for attaching military equipment such as gloves and whistles, D-rings for grenades, windbreak flap and rain flap to allow water to flow away easily. The Burberry tartan pattern is then introduced as a lining for the rainproof items including the trench coat. An enveloping soft fabric that, in the classic Biurberry beige color, allows you to shelter from the bad weather conditions.


The classic weaving process is an unmistakable signature of Bottega Veneta that we find on accessories, in garmetns and in the furniture line. Many different variations, to build the universe of Bottega Veneta where the weaving is a recurring theme for surfaces. The Bottega Veneta fabrics remove the logos visible from underlining the iconic woven pattern of the leather: an indistinct example of “discreet luxury”.


One of the most precious raw materials in the world, Cashmere by Loro Piana is characterized by its extreme softness and brilliance, as well as by an absolute sensation of warmth. The outer mantle of the goat protects it from rain, sun and dust, while the soft undercoat acts as an insulating layer. This inner lining is the most precious part of the fleece, and is known as cashmere. From each specimen of Capra hircus you get about 250 grams of undercoat per year which, following the elimination of the external fibers, are reduced to no more than 150 grams. This is why this fabric is so precious and ideal for winter: every single gram of its sublime fiber is the result of hard work, patience and passion.


The soft palmette of the cashmere By Etro is an ancient decoration, rich in history at the meeting between East and West. Etro rebrand the classic Paisley through exclusive processes and new technologies. The originality of the ancient oriental collections inspired the birth of the distinctive symbol of the Etro brand. The Paisley pattern, also in different colors, is a classic fabbric for winter: to add an elegant touch of orient to any look.