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Luxury boutique hotel in the countryside

Villa Sassolini is a perfect mix between a sober and elegant style and a rural context that recalls ancient traditions. The building that houses the luxury boutique hotel in Tuscany is a symbol of the ancient and characteristic village of Moncioni.

The earliest record of Villa Sassolini dates from the 15th century when a local legend describes the flight of the noblewoman Caterina Pitti from Florence to a grand house following the assassination of her husband, the Count Guido Guidi of the Guidi family of Florence, and feudal rulers of Moncioni since 1091. “Villa” was added to the name of the house in the second half of the 18th century reflecting social transformation in all of Italy. Historically the villa’s use changed from that of a dynastic feudal stronghold to that of a country home. The evolvement of the Villa combined the two aspects of beauty and utility and became a place of life and meditation between the city and the country. The Villa belonged to the noble Mari family until 1809 and other noted owners inclbuilding. Its pattern is composed of three vertical lines equidistant from the following three vertical lines covering the entire height of the façade. This pattern includes rhythmic convex and concave curves symbolising the movement of water or wind. On top of these curves are circles probably representing the sun as a talisman of future bountiful harvestude the Orsi, the Romanelli and the Galassi families. The Galassi who used the villa as a holiday home decided to sell Villa Sassolini in 1947. Of particular interest of the Villa is the decoration of the façade. The decoration consists of graphic patterns in the external plaster work executed by an unknown instrument with a metallic point. The design is in harmony with the sober elegance of the Villa Sassolini interiors.