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Creative farmhouse in the heart of Tuscany

Situated amongst the rolling hills of rural Tuscany, Villa Lena is simultaneously a creative residence, agriturismo hotel and holiday destination. Guests are invited to stay with Villa Lena’s creative family celebrating local Tuscan history, culture and food within an environment that offers international artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, chefs and agricultural experts space to explore and hone their respective crafts.

A 19th-century villa sits at the heart of the property, originally built for an Italian aristocratic family. It now houses the Villa Lena Foundation and artist-in-residence programme. Surrounding the villa, converted historic agricultural buildings—former farmhouses, stables and hunting lodges—house self-contained guest apartments and shared facilities.

Guests can spend their days exploring the woodlands, visiting nearby, legendary towns and cities such as Lucca, San Gimignano, Siena or Florence. They can also learn to make fresh pasta, forage for truffles, socialise over cocktails or simply relax poolside. Each evening guests and artists gather in the terrace restaurant for a communal dining experience based in a seasonal organic menu that is rooted in Italian cuisine and prepared by the visiting chef-in-residence.

Art world professional Lena Evstafieva, musician and producer Jérôme Hadey and Parisian restaurateur and nightclub owner Lionel Bensemoun combined their respective skills and knowledge to redevelop the property and found Villa Lena Agriturismo and Art Foundation.