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One place, three souls

A few kilometers from Sanremo, in Alassio, which in the early twentieth century the composer Edward Elgar extolled in the famous symphony, In the south of Alassio, lies Villa della Pergola, a kingdom of nature, taste and charm.

The history of Villa della Pergola begins at the end of the 1800s when several English families were staying in Alassio to get away from the rainy and cold English climate in search of the warmth, beauty and good Italian food. Since then it has changed a lot, but the feeling of being in another age and in another time it has remained unchanged. This because Villa della Pergola contains three souls, rare and exclusive, that connect to give the visitor, indeed, the guest, a complete and unforgettable sensory experience.
Made in the late nineteenth century the Gardens of Villa della Pergola, which are part of the “Grandi Giardini Italiani” network, offer a unique opportunity to appreciate the typical Mediterranean landscape together with rare plants of exotic flora. In this natural scenario masterfully curated by Silvia Arnaud Ricci we find the Mediterranean and exotic evergreen flora – a distinctive feature of the park – with maritime pines, carobs, olive trees, almond trees, cypresses, jacarande, ginkgo biloba, canfore and with detailed colored shrubs and plants such as buccinatoria, oleanders, solanum, bignonie, ancient, botanical and modern roses, lotus flowers and water lilies that live in the lakes and fountains of the park and attract visitors and interest from all over the world.

Immersed in the gardens, the Villa is today a charming Relais composed of 15 exclusive suites, different in style, atmosphere, shades of colors and furnishing accessories, each dedicated to the numerous characters who in the past have stayed at Villa della Pergola and history local. Refined collections of watercolors, Victorian and Edwardian paintings, memorabilia and antique furniture make guests relive the fine taste and fin de siécle atmosphere, in a place full of history, also inspired by artists such as Carlo Levi and directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Oscar Guy Green. A place that stands out for the perfect synthesis between the idea of home and the highest standards of hospitality.
At Villa della Pergola there is also a restaurant, where you can continue your journey through the senses through taste thanks to chef Giorgio Servetto and the manager Francesca Ricci, In the kitchen of the Nove there is, first of all, a rare and appreciated attention to the quality of the material, rigorously of the territory, an absolute respect for the seasonality of the products, in addition to a continuous research, to exalt the traditional recipes to the maximum, innovating them with a touch of creativity. To enhance the authenticity of the cuisine, the chef and his brigade draw from “I Giardini di Villa della Pergola” citrus fruits, aromatic herbs and edible flowers.