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Upgrade your look with shiny stones

Everyone knows that an accessory can make the difference. The jewelry you don, even the simplest and smallest item, can make or brake your event. Waste no time and make room for precious decorations among your accessories, because this 2016-2017 autumn-winter season, jewellery is back to impress.
The latest Milan catwalks have just decreed jewels are the new essentials over clothing and outerwear. This is an old story, but sometimes repeating the same ideas helps us to not fall into the usual style traps.

And it’s hard to remain indifferent to such visionary and progressive choices at Gucci’s. The historic house has created an unprecedented aesthetic universe, which is rich in narrative details. Metal studs and military-style embroidery with fetish details are mixed and matched with ethereal Gucci dresses. A triumph of glamourous details highlighted by jewelry. But not only. Stones and crystals cascading down on the skin bring to mind a new baroque sense of aesthetics. Plastic bracelets are studded with emerald green gems, while long neck pendants create a cascade of brilliant hues.

Lanvin has always been accustomed to high-class contemporary choices, but for this season decided to go down a different avenue with men’s jewelry. In particular, dedicating a collection of unpretentious accessories that can be worn without too much worry. Spider-shaped brooches set with a small black and blue stones, like a prey just captured. Maritime-style golden brooch are twisted into a classic boat rope. These discrete objects capture the onlookers’ attention and are perfectly in line with the casual yet chic style signed Lanvin.