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Colour palette

Choose your colour palette for the summer. The brands at The Mall Florence and The Sanremo Mall await you with their exclusive selection of colours and combinations, designed just for you.


Almost every brides chooses white, but it is also perfect even if you’re not thinking about marriage. White is always the colour of summer, but it is also the symbol of purity and infinity: a luminous shade that contrasts with the black of the universe. A colour that goes beyond conventions, especially when worn from head to toe, without leaving room for other shades. The list of designers who used white in their collections is vast: Alberta Ferretti, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Ermanno Scervino and many others.


A creative energy in stark contrast to winter, orange stands as a valid alternative to an overused red. Orange, since the Renaissance, has embodied the exuberance of artists and designers, but since the 1960s it has been associated with queer and camp aesthetics. Today orange is a bright colour, imposed much more than cuts and shapes to the point of being worn without the need for accessories or decorations. Moschino uses orange in many shades as an element of irony and light-heartedness in his collections.


A valid alternative to white without the obligation of black. An opulent colour whose chromatic coolness is ideal for the summer, so that its more glacial and light shades can subvert the calls of the wintry frost. Giorgio Armani has used grey in many shades since the early 1980s, when his suits were very popular among women and the use of this palette in his collections emphasized the absence of a clear division between male and female genres.