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New look at Triennale Milano Teatro

Returning to the past to orientate in the present is the file rouge that Triennale Milano Teatro proposes for the 2019/2020 season, in which artistic multidisciplinarity opens up new views on the contemporary scene. The programming is constellate by timeless classics revisited and revitalized by a new vision and by contemporary performances that have become classic. The 2020 season of Triennale Milano Teatro continues and reinforces a path by updating the name, Triennale Milano Teatro is increasingly an integral part of the Triennale Milano universe, a place for the production and creation of contemporary arts. A season dedicated to the classics, from which today it seems necessary to start again: to find a reference point beyond the fragmentation of the present, to be able to build orientation tools able to guide us through the liquid era of post-truth, to listen to voices without time of their authors and put them in a lively and fruitful comparison with today. The 2019/2020 season will therefore be dotted with timeless great classics, revisited and revitalized by a new look and free from prejudices of any kind.

Classic as a new look on the classics therefore, but also as a contemporary classic, in the sense of contemporary that has already become classic, with shows and authors that have marked the Italian scene in the last twenty years: the season opening is dedicated to Deflorian / Tagliarini, a creative couple who has been able to rethink and revitalize the theatrical language, returning to Triennale Milano Teatro for an unprecedented portrait. Then on stage <OTTO> the historical performance of 2003 by Kinkaleri, focused on the collapse as a metaphor for today, which contributed to the affirmation of the Tuscan company among the peaks of research in Italy.

The classic can also be the reference (never an end in itself) to a bygone era whose symbols and protagonists must sometimes be recovered and put back in the center: this is the case of the Lusitanian TiagoRodrigues – an authentic revelation of the international scene in recent years which arrives for the first time in Milan thanks to Triennale Milano. Finally, the Triennale Milano Teatro confirms the Milanese theater capable of giving space in season with greater continuity to the best expressions of international dance and choreography: in addition to the aforementioned Saburo Teshigawarae Kinkaleri, the 2019/2020 season sees the return to Milan, after the unforgettable presences at Uovo festival, by Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion, a cult duo on the international scene with the surprising Any Table Any Room which will also involve four Milanese artists in the staging.