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Delve into an autumnal wardrobe

Light, neutral and natural colours range from sand to beige and musty browns, enriched by gold tints. These are the colours in store for this autumn as seen by Roberto Cavalli, Pomellato, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo and Coach.

When autumn comes, the wardrobe palette changes and is oriented towards warm shades that open up to new and striking combinations. Sand hues strike the perfect balance, with sophisticated and romantic nuances, which are also ideal for accessories. Roberto Cavalli combines the opulence of materials and shapes with the softness of a neutral tone in nude shades that recall skin tones.
Elegant and casual, beige is an eternal reference point for the great fashion brands. Thomas Burberry’s gabardine is one of the most recognizable symbols of England, and although born as a trench coat for soldiers in the trenches, the iconic garment remain a classic. Coach also launches its signature collection bags in a warmer version of beige and grey, demonstrating great sensitivity in the choice of shades and tones close to the natural world. This versatile colour adapts to all complexions and seasons. Between 1927 and 1960 Salvatore Ferragamo designed more than twenty thousand models of shoes, and to this day includes neutral and elegant hues like dull browns. Laced shoes and corsets, shoulder bags, jackets and trousers all come in soft and impalpable leather.
And finally gold, the colour par excellence for jewellery and accessories. Over the years this luxurious, bright and reassuring tinge has become capable of replacing even the classic black. Pomellato gold, also in a satin and matt version, honours the Italian goldsmith tradition. Exuberant, light and golden, Pomellato pieces can be mixed together into warm and joyful combinations.