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All the earthy nuances

The colours of the earth have spread across the spring palette for Alberta Ferretti, Ermenegildo Zegna, Roberto Cavalli and many others, as nature’s feral call echoes in the fashion world.

Brownish, earthy tones, shades of coffee brown and sandy dunes dominate women’s clothes and tie us to land and nature, following the psychedelic colour range that won over the 70s. Environmental awareness has spread since the 80s and the many shades of brown now create an elegant and more sober background. Brown is neither too gaudy or too conservative: it offers a delicate balance in all its nuances. Coffee and liqueur brown, amber and dark tones come alongside warm and neutral caramel, offering essential and timeless tones in women’s collections.

Brown embodies nudity, a rebirth that begins with nature, nowadays just as much as in the past, and finds its true essence in sunburnt shades. Alberta Ferretti uses brown in a contemporary and versatile collection, easy to wear and mix. Prints and embroideries are inspired by landscapes and animals, resulting in a metropolitan jungle. Roberto Cavalli’s brown meets leather on men’s sneakers that are reminiscent of Savannahs and the most evocative African planes.

Soft and enveloping tones of brown play the lead role in Ermenegildo Zegna’s leisurewear. The new collection celebrates casual wear and the new informal spirit behind the lifestyle of today’s men, allowing for a new way of dressing, pervaded by the timeless qualities of the Zegna style and always attentive to sustainability, even in terms of colours. These warm shades of classic brown for the Ermenegildo Zegna man also pervade details and accessories, making this collection all about nature.