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Green is the new black

Green is the symbolic colour of rebirth: it’s fresh, bright and full of life and comes in an endless array of tones, from green undergrowth to military green and up to olive green. This choice of character describes free personalities and young adventurers, bringing a breath of spring air.

When we think of green, we immediately associate it with new leaves and large open and lush spaces. The desire for nature becomes stronger in a society delivered to the metropolitan chaos and fast-paced technology and lifestyle. The positive change connected to green is reflected in its multiple nuances used in the Aquazzura, Burberry, Coach and Alberta Ferretti collections alike. Ubiquitous in accessories and bags, green comes to the foreground across the world and in any expression of fashion.

But green is a colour that today speaks above all of sustainability, telling us how fashion can be respectful of nature and its processes. “Green is the new black” is a motto that tells how luxury brands such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga are increasingly attentive to sustainable fashion issues by putting environmental policies to the fore in order to protect the planet.

The recent Gucci Equilibrium project gathers the brand’s principles, intuitions and ambitions while making a commitment to correctly managing the planet’s limited resources. Every day Gucci undertakes to implement increasingly sustainable choices to protect the planet through an environmental policy that includes sustainable raw materials, environmentally friendly chemistry, waste management, choice of paper and packaging and by producing Fur-Free collections.