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A nuance per season

A fetish colour, a symbol of a style that comes straight from the 50s. Hot pink – adored by the Parisian fashion scene in the 30s – became the favourite colour in postwar Hollywood.

The colour of celebrities as it were, in all its shades and variations, from antique rose to magenta, a colour that doesn’t quite fit with the seasonal rhythm and is about to become a major trend in the 2016.17 autumn-winter season.

Pale pink became a symbol of female purity in the 20th century, bringing a touch of class and sweetness to the Think Pink! mantra that defined an era. A colour that has survived the feminist struggles of the 60s and the excesses of the ’80s, arriving intact to this day to be worn by women who identify with anything that suits them. Moschino knows how to best describe the complexity of the female world, and that is why he has chosen to combine two must-haves and create a pink suit. Yet the overall effect is anything but sugar-coated: it is the embodiment of an elegant, unconventional and irreverent woman, in typical Moschino style.

Hot pink straddles eroticism and eccentricity, the hot colour of an era that perhaps will never come back, with stars like Marilyn Monroe and Mae West making it an integral part of entire generations. But the dream continues in Lanvin’s expert hands, using the bold nuance to create modern shapes for a rarefied elegance that has nothing to do with effrontery. Boasting clean and architectural lines, the volumes are well-defined and structured, while pink is just a detail that makes the difference in an otherwise perfectly classic outfit, offering a moment of wonder and surprise.