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Spring is approaching

With the spring collections comes an energetic, bright and positive colour, yellow. Whatever the nuance, this tone can’t go missing in your wardrobe.

While red universally symbolizes danger and sensuality, yellow grabs your attention. Easily visible from a distance, especially in the morning and afternoon light, yellow is the emblem of the sun, the south and of freedom. Sunflowers are the symbol of the South of France and recall Van Gogh paintings, an artist who was fascinated by the power of colours just as much as we are.

But yellow also reminds us of the 60s, as the colour of the famous Smiley Face logo from 1963, hyppie style dresses and the floral revolution in the following decade. Vibrant Yellow stands for the irony and character that marked the 60s. Vibrant Yellow was indeed the colour of the Smiley Face logo designed in 1963 by Harvey Ball.

Yellow is a positive colour that spreads on clothes, outerwear and complete outfits, but also matches with accessories and footwear. Yellow seems only apparently a difficult colour to wear, but in fact suits everyone. Yellow is versatile and adapts to a total black look, particularly when combined with white, beige and Pompeian red. The shades of yellow to choose from and show off for this spring are many, so don’t be caught unprepared!