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A style icon

Five colors, three updated models, a style icon in perfect English tradition. This is Heritage Burberry trench coat, a style icon that never ceases to seduce, even in summer.

Don’t let yourself be caught by the changing weather. A trench coat is a versatile garment but is above all a fundamental piece in the history of fashion that Burberry never stop producing and reinventing. Inspired by the archives, the trench is reinterpreted in three modern silhouettes: Chelsea – the most fitting cut; Kensington – a classic model for a tailored silhouette; and Westminster – with a relaxed cut that is perfect for a layered look.

The iconic gabardine was invented in 1879 by Thomas Burberry. The cotton fabric was made breathable thanks to its small mesh, while the compact structure prevented wind and rain from entering the fabric. This innovation revolutionized traditional rainwear, which was usually heavy and uncomfortable. In 2018 the tropical Burberry gabardine, even lighter, was used for the first time for the Heritage trench coat, to make the the Westminster model lighter and softer.

The original Burberry trench coat was born from the need to protect the army troops during World War I, with an estimated 500,000 items being made. The straps showed the rank of an officer, while the metal D-rings of the belt were used as a hook for the equipment, as every detail of this iconic piece had a specific purpose. This helped to make it an unmistakable yet modern garment.
At the Burberry factory in Keighley, England, traditional and modern techniques are combined to create this iconic trench coat. The cotton fibers are selected for length and fineness, and then dyed and worked into a very resistant yarn. The making of a single Burberry trench coat entails no less than 127 different procedures. An expert tailor takes a year to learn how to stitch the neck – the most elaborate part of the structure of a trench coat. More than 180 stitches are applied by hand to obtain a fluid curvature that adapts perfectly to the neck. All this to give you a timeless garment that will never disappoint.