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A butcher in the kitchen

Dario Cecchini is the eighth generation of a family of butchers from Chiantigiani, in Panzano. As a craftsman, he seeks and promotes quality and the knowledge of animal butchery, transforming the craft into art and philosophy – with the same spirit that made Tuscany great in the Renaissance.

Dario’s philosophy becomes reality with the savvy use of his hands and the same spirit that made Tuscany great in the Renaissance. Starting from these historical roots and drawing upon bygone flavours, Dario has created pieces such as Chianti Tuna and Panzanese Beef, Chianti Perfume and exquisite provocations like Chianti Sushi.

The world of Dario unfolds under three main sections: The first is butchery – the beating heart, the navel of his world, the place where everything is born and develops. The second is Solociccia – a philosophy transferred to a menu, where he serves all the cuts wrongly considered poor – from the nose to the tail – but which, if cooked with due care and respect, turn into moreish and rich delicacies.

The third is L’Officina della Bistecca – grilled meats including tartar, carpaccio and a triad of juicy steaks.

Both restaurants follow the same unquestionable rules, dictated by a family-run kitchen where everybody sits at the same large table, at the same time, sharing a meal just like at home. An extra lunch option is offered on weekdays with three quick menus of burgers and tastings. No need to book ahead to enjoy excellent meat and unique preparations at a reasonable price. Paraphrasing Dante,  the great Mediaeval poet – Leave all hope ye who enter, you’re in the butcher’s hands!