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Beyond wine tasting

Tuscany Wine Architecture is a circuit of 14 designer wineries, contemporary in style and signed by the great masters of 20th century architecture. The designs favor organic architecture, experimenting innovative juxtapositions of novel low-energy consumption technologies. By reducing their environmental footprint, the circuit seeks to please an international crowd of professionals who are actively engaged in this field.

Wine is an major attraction in Tuscany, which has traditionally been among the world’s best known production areas. Add to this other ingredients like modern art and architecture, environmental commitment, and unique landscapes, and the result is an unprecedented path to a “different Tuscany” that acts like a magnet on refined and demanding visitors.

For the last 20 years artists have created a number of unrivaled buildings where wine is preserved to its best as in temples, making Tuscany the only European region which boasts architecture of this kind. Great buildings are coupled with state-of-the-art technologies and a renewed aesthetic relationship among production spaces, the environment and the final product. Wineries in the area host numerous exhibitions and have developed interesting relationships with modern art and music, creating a vital and innovative cultural and productive system.

A combination of quintessentially Tuscan flavors is born out of a new Renaissance in Tuscan architecture, offering not just a simple tour of wine tastings, but an exciting and compelling tour of the places that host them.