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Christian Dior’s style is truly fascinating. It’s a long time since his major innovations to fashion with the fantastic New Look in the ’fifties, and yet it seems that Monsieur Dior is still alive and dictating tips on style.

How to enhance femininity and make women as beautiful as flowers is demonstrated by his corolla line: tight-fitting at the waist, with extra-full multi-layered skirts.

Stars choose Dior today not only for its sophisticated style and delicate colours, but mainly for the grand tradition the House has created over the years.

Its extremely classical style brings together romantic figures like Leighton Meeste, the famous Gossip Girl actress, and Kelly Ousborne, with her rebel rock character.

Dior means good taste, which is why a woman of such great class and elegance as Natalie Portman is often seen in a total look by Dior. Even when she was expecting, the Hollywood brunette wore a dress with a Christian Dior label that enhanced her soft rounded line. She loves vintage and many of the garments she wears are originals belonging to the Dior tradition.

At the Golden Globe Award ceremony, Marion Cotillard showed up in a sparkling gown, emerald green like her eyes: its shiny satin created a chiaroscuro play of light and the giddy slit was compensated by the one-shoulder model. A well-balanced dress, with glimpses of the lace slip, made the actress look radiant and confirmed the genius of the brand.

Kirsten Dunst, Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams are just some of the many film stars who choose to walk the red carpet wearing Dior gowns, knowing that they run no risk of being out of place or out of fashion.