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A modern way of preserving traditions

Tod’s stands out for luxury footwear and leather goods. Featuring models that have become a cult in modern lifestyle, Tod’s shoes are the perfect combination of tradition, high quality and modernity in the world of luxury accessories.

Every Tod’s product is handmade using high craftsmanship techniques, to become, after numerous steps and checks, an exclusive, recognizable, modern and functional object. The company’s history began in the early 1900s in a small shoe factory. Today Tod’s stands out for a balanced mix of tradition and modernity, high quality, creativity and the wide usability of each product. The quality of the products is guaranteed by the strong manual component that characterizes each step in the production process.

The Driving Shose are loved by celebrities and people all over the world. They’ve become a myth and are forerunners of a new style of masculine and feminine elegance. 133 rubbers are applied to the moccasin and designed to upturn the usual canons of elegance.

Finally a comfortable, light, soft, luxurious shoe that is entirely hand-stitched to be worn every day, in any environment, from refined to casual, with a pair of chino trousers and a polo shirt. The essential Tod’s line involves over 100 steps – from cutting the leather to assembly and up to the stitching. The hides come from the best tanneries in the world and often undergo an ageing process that can last  years, before the right colour and consistency are achieved. Resistant, reliable and light: three criteria that every Tod’s rubber grommet must possess to become part of the story.