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This year’s trends for fashionable lunches and dinners

Want to impress your guests at Christmas and New Year with a truly special table arrangement? Here are some valuable tips from Giulia Brunetti, Visual Home professional and founder of the Florence brand 2.05, which offers interior design and decor, workshops and homeware (Instagram: @giuliabrunetti_2.05).

  1. The gifts: present your guests with a souvenir of the evening. It doesn’t need to be expensive, a small gift is enough, but it should be linked to the theme of the event, such as a bauble at Christmas or a Polaroid snap taken during dinner on New Year’s Eve.
  2. The place markers: why not? Perhaps make them yourself, and enjoy some relaxing handcraft time. Don’t know what they should be? Use your imagination: a ribbon with seasonal flowers around the napkin, or a miniature pear coloured to match the rest of the table, with a name label on the stalk.
  3. The table centrepiece: this should stand out from the overall table setting, which always needs a good balance of contrasts: simple plates if your background is ornate or patterned, different crockery for a solid colour base. For Christmas, a crown of holly with fruit, greenery and candles is perfect.
  4. Runners and placemats: to keep abreast of the current trend, playing with these two items instead of a tablecloth is definitely a winner, especially if you have an attractive table to show off, at least partially.
  5. The cutlery: It is not necessary to have five sets, as etiquette dictates, but if you’re looking for an extra-special touch, satinised gold or copper cutlery is the ideal solution.
  6. The glasses: another current trend: wine and water glasses must be different, but if the former are simple and beautiful, you can go to town on the latter for a really unique effect.
  7. The colours: this may surprise you, but for Christmas and New Year 2021, black is in. Not all-over black, of course, but you’ll be right on trend if you add the occasional spot of black to a general scheme which this year is strictly white with touches of gold.