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The history of the Burberry brand begins about 150 years ago, with the 21-year-old tailor’s apprentice Thomas Burberry. In 1870, young Thomas opened his first general store at Basingstoke, in England.

Burberry specialised in good taste luxury goods, but just ten years later he reached what was to be a major turning point. He introduced products made of gabardine: a fabric consisting of various heavy fibres, of which several clothes items can be made, but particularly overcoats, jackets and heavy garments.

Initially his garments were used by the British Army, whence the horseman logo. Burberry jackets were used for expeditions to the South Pole and for the first trans-Atlantic flight. The most famous garment with the Burberry label was inspired by trench warfare during the First World War.

The Trench Coat, a waterproof jacket, was worn by British soldiers, all unaware that it was destined to become the best-loved raincoat in the whole of cinema history.

With Humprey Bogart, in ‘Casablanca’, and Audrey Hepburn, in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, the Burberry trench coat acquired an unheard of fascination and became an unquestionable style icon.

The year of its radical change of direction, as the brand of the highest chic tartan fantasies, was 1997, when Rose Marie Bravo, the Company’s Managing Director, took over, taking the label among the highest names in fashion.

The Creative Director, Christopher Bailey, who has directed the House for several years, has certainly contributed to the year-on-year growth experienced by this fantastic brand, with its15 lines, including its latest: Prorsum, a Latin word meaning “Onwards!”