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Christian Dior’s fragrances are special, each being the fruit of a particularly attentive study of every smallest detail, from the scent itself, to its container and even its label.

François Demachy is the “nose” of Maison Dior: he is in charge of creating each and every fragrance.

Demachy is an expert chemist and perfumer and was raised in the world’s capital of fragrances, the town of Grasse in France. After working for many years with Chanel and many other top houses, he now leads Dior’s cosmetics sector.

François Demachy’s vast knowledge enables him to obtain sensational results with his fragrances.

First and foremost is his annual visit to the world’s principal flower market, in the south of India.  Madurai’s vast production of flowers is exported throughout India and also overseas.

This truly unique bank of fragrances is explored each year by the great perfumer to discover new inspirations and new combinations.

Christian Dior loved flower scents, which is why one of the principal ingredients of every Dior fragrance is a flower.

Among Demachy’s favourite blossoms we find sambac jasmine and polianthes tuberosa: both are small white flowers found in the south of India.

The essences of these flowers are found in the House’s latest and most important fragrances: J’adore Eau De Parfum, Poison, New Look de La Collection Privée Christian Dior, Escale a Pondichery and Miss Dior.

Jasmine was Christian Dior’s favourite scent, which is why we find it everywhere. It is truly wonderful, a fragrance that recalls summer and evokes beautiful memories and pleasant sensations.

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