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Light colours and unique materials that leave a mark

Sergio Rossi‘s poetic craftsmanship has always lied in his mastery of design and his choice of materials. His refined aesthetics takes roots in the history of the maison, which season after season presents precious and groundbreaking collections.

Sergio Rossi chooses to make models which are glamorous and luxurious, while respecting the nature of materials and of the manufacturing process. It is the case of the footwear inspired by the colours of the earth and the soft touch of the hide, the leather and the suede. The smooth and rounded outlines fit the foot in a way that makes such accessory unique and recognisable. It is a universal hymn to femininity.

The Farrah model combines skilfully processed white leather and  gilded details in this classy and captivating heeled sandal: the perfect balance between style and refinement. The same model can be found also in the gladiator-like ultra-flat version in white leather, always embellished with gilded details inspired by the 70’s. The Antibes model reminds of sunny beaches in the South of France. It comes in two versions. The sandals with strap fastening are impeccably crafted from an enchanting combination of black and silver leathers. The high heel is entirely decorated with a V-shaped motif which gives it a refined and elegant touch. For a refined and timeless look, not to be missed is also the easy-chic black and silver leather intertwined flat sandal version, a tribute to Biarritz.

Though in another vein, the Sergio Rossi platform sandal maintains special attention to the soft touch of the suede. These sling back light grey suede sandals are sexy, feminine and flawlessly sophisticated. The daring platform heel contributes to a versatile and elegant must wear all day long.