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Tour the Tuscan countryside

Tuscany boasts dreamlike villages where you can spend an unforgettable outing.

Pitigliano is a country entirely built on a tufaceous rock spur, of which the hamlet is built out of. An arch bridge leads to the ancient Borgo, the Fortezza and Palazzo Orsini, the high walls of tufa, marked by caves and tower-houses, underlining the village’s medieval atmosphere, which extends into the Maremma countryside.

An intact medieval hamlet situated on the slopes of the hills between the Sovara stream and the Tiber valley. Its name is linked to the famous battle of Anghiari of 1440, fought on the plain of Anghiari and painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The painting was lost due to the type of paints used by Leonardo.

An iconic village, known the world-over for an arresting view over the valley near Siena. The castle, founded in the second decade of the 13th century by the Republic of Siena, was a defensive outpost against Florence and still preserves its original wall. Rounded in shape, the wall surrounds the inhabited area with a linear development of approximately 570 meters and is equipped with 14 imposing towers protruding from the outer walls.

San Gimignano
San Gimignano, a UNESCO world heritage site, is the perfect Tuscan village that owes its fame to its multiple towers. At one time there were 72 but today only 13 are left, granting the town its unmistakable outline among the Siena hills. Its world renown is not only due to the particular architecture, but above all to the many of works of art and the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, a precious white wine that is exclusively produced here.

An Etruscan town overlooking the sea, one of the most important centres of the ancient world for iron processing and trade known through archaeological excavations and tombs dating back to the Roman era. Situated on top of a hill, this village has an indescribable charm and an enviable view across the Etruscan coast.