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Coves and cliffs on a crystal clear sea

Western RiIviera, with its kilometers of coastline, has some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. From Genoa to Ventimiglia anyone can find a relaxing corner according to their tastes: the offer ranges between long sandy coasts and hidden cliffs. We suggest you the list of our favorites.

Punta Crena beach, in the province of Savona, is a very small bay hidden among the rocks. It is not easy to get there, but it deserves for its beauty: you can access it from the sea or with a steep path between terraces and ancient olive trees. Frequented mainly by locals, it has remained outside the mass tourist circuit. Perfect destination for those looking for tranquility away from crowded beaches.

In Varigotti there is the most accessible, but no less fascinating, Baia dei Saraceni. It is a sandy coast with clear waters and a shallow seabed. Easily accessible through a path that starts from Aurelia and goes down to the shore.

The Balzi Rossi beach, in Grimaldi di Ventimiglia, is so beautiful that it was mentioned, in 2018 by Forbes, among the 7 most spectacular marine destinations in Italy. Also called the “egg beach” for the shape of its stones, it is an amazing location surrounded by nature between crystal reflections and stones perfectly smoothed by the waves.

The Lido delle Sirene in Bargeggi is a small and silent cove of gravel and pebbles. Hidden among the white rocks, it is separated from the main road by about 300 steps which make it exclusive and isolated. Unique thanks to the transparent waters and the seabed to be discovered.

Finally, a few kilometers from the French border, Calandre Beach is a narrow golden sandy beach topped by a high cliff covered with vegetation. The ideal place for surf lovers and to enjoy the relaxing sea view.