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The new luxury outlet opens in June

Fashion, art, culture, lush landscapes, sea and breathtaking views: this exclusive blend that awaits you at The Mall Sanremo starting from June. The exclusive luxury outlet opens in Liguria, immersed in the Flower Riviera, a stone’s throw from France.

The Mall Sanremo is the place to experience a new shopping experience at the heart of a unique natural heritage, boasting an emerald sea, lush and scented gardens  and traditions. Advantageous prices and the panoply on offer of the most exclusive international fashion brands are the key elements of this extraordinary journey that combines fashion, fun and Italian cuisine, immersed in the beauty of the Ligurian landscape.

The mild climate  and colourful and meandering architectural style perfectly integrate with the environment by evoking sea waves, and turning your visit to The Mall Sanremo into a unique experience. Located in a beautiful area, The Mall Sanremo is the ideal place to find out about the trendiest fashion brands and while sharing a contemporary vision of style through the many initiatives and luxury services.

Sanremo is a unique destination to be visited any season thanks to its warm and fascinating atmosphere, made all the more pleasurable by the mild seaside climate and many scented gardens.

Known as the city of flowers for the splendid and famous cultivations of carnations, roses and ornamental green, it is also the home of the famous festival of Italian song. With a host of events, exhibitions, the Casino, cultural events, golden beaches and clear water, Sanremo is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Riviera and today, with the opening of The Mall Sanremo, it also becomes the ideal shopping destination.