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One of the world’s most famous 3-star restaurants in Florence

Perhaps not everyone knows that one of the world’s most famous 3-star restaurants is located in Florence.  The first star was awarded in 1982. From 2004 to today, it has topped the Michelin Guide ratings with three stars. We are talking about the legendary restaurant, Enoteca Pinchiorri. An address to remember – Via Ghibellina 87, Florence.
Its history is doubly tied to its two founders, Giorgio Pinchiorri, creator of a wine cellar that is unique in the world, and Annie Féolde, French by birth, but Florentine by adoption, who was the first woman in Italy to achieve the coveted three stars!
The first step was taken in 1970, when Giorgio Pinchiorri, employed as a sommelier in a wine shop in Via Ghibellina, began to raise the level of the selections. He focused on fine wines and new products (he still remembers his first taste of Tignanello), serving them by the glass. It was the right idea, but he still had not thought of pairing wines. The decisive moment came in 1972, when Annie arrived from Nice, while in the meantime Giorgio had become the owner of the wine shop. It became increasingly successful thanks to her and her cooking. Gino Veronelli was the first food and wine critic to repay their efforts with a one Sole in his guide.  Then in 1981 came a special mention in the Michelin Guide, a year later, the first star, and a second in 1983. Then the longed-for third star in 1993, lost some years later but regained in 2004 and kept ever since. Now the wine cellar is even bigger, more legendary and inimitable, thanks also to Alessandro Tomberli, head Sommelier at the Enoteca, with over 100,000 bottles and more than 4,000 labels from five continents.  The kitchen is the kingdom of Chef Riccardo Monco, Annie’s right-hand man.  What to order? We recommend the Pigeon in Cocoabean and Salt Crust, Mango Chutney, Paprika Carrots and “Diavola” Sauce, and for dessert, the original Toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil, orange and rosemary and almond ice-cream. You’ll thank us….