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On stage at The Mall Sanremo

From 4 to 23 February The Mall Sanremo, the exclusive Luxury Outlet in the heart of the Riviera dei Fiori, will host The Fashion Side of Festival, an exhibition created together with Rai Pubblicità and sponsored by the Municipality of Sanremo, to celebrate 70 years of the Sanremo Festival.

The archives of the Sanremo Festival are made up of songs, clothes and charm. Since the first editions of the 1950s, haute was the main character of the competitions. The Fashion Side of Festival tells the decades of the Sanremo Festival through some display of clothes that made history. The 11 display cases located inside The Mall Sanremo, with clothes, images, videos and stories, will allow each visitor to make a suggestive journey between past and present in which music and fashion – two symbols of Italy – mix together in an strong connection of passion and creativity.

The exhibition starts with Nilla Pizzi who in 1951 with Grazie dei fiori won the competition by wearing a dress in gold-colored silk where the pockets made it more fluid. In 1958 the organization of the Festival obtained that all the men in the competition wear a yellow double-breasted jacket. The winner is Domenico Modugno with his Volare, the first international success of the Festival, and he is dressed in yellow. At the 1961 Festival, Adriano Celentano wears a large long jacket and soft trousers, clearing the classic institutional suit: the tuxedo. In competition in Sanremo in 1961 Mina wears an iconic dress that recalls the title of her song: Le mille bolle blu. The dress of Iva Zanicchi from 1974 highlighted its shapes and making it sensual thanks to the cut of the décolleté. The outstanding stage transformation of Anna Oxa sees her wearing a hooded dress in 1986, cross on the breast and uncovered belly. Loredana Bertè, will present herself in this edition together with two ballerinas dressed in very short miniskirts and a padded dress that makes them look advanced in pregnancy.

At the 1989 Festival Mia Martini presented her timeless Solo tu nell’universo, wrapped in a gypsy polka dot dress designed by Giorgio Armani. It is 1991 and Sabrina Salerno sings the sparkling song Siamo donne with Jo Squillo, appearing on the stage of the Ariston with a silver bikini covered only by a jacket. 2005 sees instead an Alberta Ferretti dress worn by the Spanish actress Rocío Muñoz Morales who hosts the Festival alongside Carlo Conti. Finally, the dress worn in 2018 on the last evening by Michelle Hunziker, a majestic lilac and black dress, which earned her the title of “fairy”, will be on display.

The Mall Sanremo thus promotes this precious cultural heritage confirming itself not only a place of shopping and elegance, but also of tradition and history. A reality that has its roots in the territory to which it belongs, strong of a DNA that does not forget its origins, allowing its guests to live an experience of beauty in all its forms.