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The birth of a star: luck, talent and signs

“Chance always comes to the aid of those who want something badly,” wrote Christian Dior in his memoirs.

Dior was fascinated by the art of divination. His counselor was a fortune-teller who pushed him to grasp big opportunities, and his life story is littered with signs that guided him towards success. The first and most incredible of these was a bronze star that fell on the sidewalk from who knows where, on which Dior — then in his forties — tripped, lost in thought about a meeting with Marcel Boussac (the “King of Cotton”) which led him to convince the businessman to financially support the foundation of his fashion house. This was the origin of the Christian Dior label, whose first collection in spring of 1947 marked the point of no return: his New Look.

Few know that in the first dresses that he designed, a spring of lily of the valley — his talisman flower — was hidden in the hem, and that 8 was a good luck charm, the number his choice to locate his fashion houses’ headquarters in the 8th arrondissement, at 30 Rue Montaigne. For 10 years after the dawn of the New Look, the world kept on eagerly awaiting the new work that the French fashion designer would offer to women. Since 1957, when he passed away, the Dior name has remained a lucky star over many major designers, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferré and Raf Simons, who faithfully followed in their teacher’s footsteps, living up to his name and perpetuating his success indefinitely.