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Natural paradise in Provence

The Gorges du Verdon in Provence, almost 50 km long, create the deepest canyon in Europe. Famous destination for  extreme sports lovers, they offer breathtaking landscapes, splendid walking routes and wonderful perched villages that will enchant every type of visitor. There are numerous experiences that this location and its surroundings offer, let’s see together the most interesting and spectacular.

The Gorges can be followed by car, motorbike and bicycle through two different routes. The sublime Corniche, south of the crevasse, and the north road full of belvedere: will leave you breathless the view from the Sublime Point and the Dente d’Aires, from which you can admire the whole course of the river.

The stream is famous for water sports, thanks also to the emerald water which makes it a magical place. You can go rafting, canoeing, canyoning in crevasses and practicing any other type of activity. A favorite destination also for climbing lovers who find in the walls of the gorges more than 800 routes for any type of difficulty.

One of the most suggestive ways to discover Verdon is trekking. There are many roads that allow you to have panoramic views of the white cliffs. The most popular itineraries are the GR4 which starts from Point Sublime, the 13 km long Martel path and the shortest, but no less beautiful for this, Couloir Samson.

The surroundings are dotted with charming characteristic villages which a wide culinary offer: perfect places to relax after long walks. The best known are: Sainte-Croix de Verdon a village full of flowers, Montagnac-Montpezat ideal for a gastronomic stop based on truffles, and Allemagne-en-Provence with its castle where you can also stay.

Finally, the two lakes are absolutely not to be missed: Lac de Chaudanne and Sainte-André-les-Alpes. The first with steep but beautiful shores, the second with beaches for swimming and taking a boat ride.