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5 flowers to plant in May for a dream balcony

May brings with it the desire for renewal so why not dedicate ourselves to the aesthetics of our balcony, transforming it into an oasis of color and pleasure for the eyes?

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the flower season helps even the most inexperienced to create the perfect spring corner at your fingertips. Bring pots, potting soil and a good pair of gloves to start the restyling of your green area!

First of all we must choose the modus operandi based on our patience: we can choose to sow and wait for some time for the flowering that will come in the summer or buy the seedlings directly and create pots already in bloom; the latter solution is much more quickly to enjoy an immediate change.

Here is the list of flowers that we recommend to plant in May:

  • Roses, May is their month and the secret to making them last over time is to rely on a good nurseryman to choose a good plant and the right type for your balcony. For those who do not have a garden, we recommend the type of miniature roses, a species selected for living in pots and which will give you flowering from spring to autumn.
  • Clemantide. It is a light climbing plant, ideal for balconies because it grows fast and its flowering is profitable, long-lived and undemanding, perfect for those who do not have time to devote. The only flaw, it does not maintain its foliage in winter. Ask for the best type for pot cultivation and pay attention to the “head in the sun and feet in the shade” rule, which means that the pot should remain protected from the sun while the foliage is exposed to light.
  • The Marguerite. A great idea to have lots of color in winter and spring on windowsills, balconies and terraces, as an alternative (or together) to primroses and violets. Reserve a place in the sun all year round and semi-shaded in the warmer months. Repot them at the end of flowering in a slightly larger pot to see them bloom the following year.
  • Lavender. Inevitable for those who, in addition to sight, also want to satisfy their sense of smell. Beautiful in its pastel colors it also has the property of keeping mosquitoes away, therefore perfect for the arrival of summer. It needs a lot of sun to bloom and a mild climate so place it in the sunniest part of your terrace.
  • The narcissus. Also called “May flower”, it prefers shady, fresh and humid environments, but it resists well even in sunny positions if well watered. Flowering runs from May to October, but if left in the ground in winter in cool and ventilated places, it will also bloom again the following spring

Go to the restyling, you will be satisfied!