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A chat with Giuseppe Faraldi, the City Councilor in charge of Sanremo’s tourism and sports

Sanremo is starting its engines and getting ready to become the capital of Italian music. The city is reawakening to life, like the spring flowers that surround it, to celebrate Italian music once again. We talk about it with Giuseppe Faraldi, the City Councilor in charge of Sanremo’s tourism and sports. 

An Italian Music Festival as never seen before, with Sanremo becoming the heart of Italy. How is the city getting ready to face this super international television event?

In such a difficult period, the Festival has a nearly symbolic importance. It’s the engine of a country where people, from the safety of their homes, will be gathering around their televisions to share their love for entertainment and music. A glimmer of joy, while waiting to go back as soon as possible to attending concerts and singing along with everyone in the stalls, and not from balconies anymore.  

An innovative Festival in all respects, with a wave of young contemporary performers in the Big Artists section and two irresistible hosts: Amadeus and Fiorello. What should we expect from it?

An ultramodern stage, the beauty of Sanremo flowers, show business professionals to entertain us, young Italian singers, the stars of the show, and an Italian comedy superstar: Fiorello. I can’t wait to watch this Festival. 

The Italian Music Festival, the Tenco Award, the Giraglia Cup, the Milano-Sanremo race, the Casino: Sanremo is one of the Italian Riviera’s best-known tourist destinations. What do you expect from the next summer season, as far as tourism is concerned?

Despite the very delicate circumstances, summer 2020 was a very successful season, our accommodation facilities were completely sold-out. We hope that the next summer season will be as successful or even more successful  than the last one. The local accommodation facilities have adjusted to meet the changing tourism trends, with great respect for and attention to all guests. 

What are, in your opinion, the must-sees for those visiting Sanremo?

Sanremo has a charm all its own: within an area of barely 40 kilometers, visitors will find the seaside and mountains, unique trails for trekking and cycling, natural wellness facilities and exclusive crafts, food-and-wine and fashion destinations. My favorite places? Definitely the Cetacean Sanctuary, which has the highest concentration of  cetaceans in the Italian seas and is most likely the faunally richest area of the entire  Mediterranean Sea. And then, an unforgettable experience for families along the cycle track of the Italian Riviera’s coastal park. 

Your top 4 favorite songs in the history of the Festival and why.

First of all, Nel Blu dipinto di Blu by Domenico Modugno, the symbol of Italian music across the world, followed by the 1986 song Adesso tu by Eros Ramazzotti, the soundtrack of my twenties. In 1990, the Pooh sang Uomini soli: it was the year I met my wife. Last but not least, Ti regalerò una rosa by Simone Cristicchi, in 2007, a masterpiece of sensibility and tenderness.