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White, black, yellow and much more

For spring 2018 unique and timeless creations by Alberta Ferretti are inspired by the power of the sea. As always, the collection is extremely feminine and sartorial details are accompanied by a careful selection of fabrics and embroidery.

A sense of renewed lightness characterizes the new Spring collection by Alberta Ferretti, an elegant journey in search of her most authentic roots. A bright range of ethereal fabrics and linear silhouettes give the collection a new concept of sensuality, in which exquisite finishes and embroideries are accompanied by flowing chiffon, transparent lace and a delicate palette of soft colours. A fascinating creative reflection through which the designer rediscovers all her expressive heritage.

The maritime world inspires Alberta Ferretti, for a light collection with a fluid, elongated and fascinating silhouette. The typically maritime lines are made to look romantic with lace bands, metal buttonholes, ropes and long silk ribbons. Admiral jackets speak of marine atmospheres and come embellished with beaded embroidery and golden touches. Prints reproduce the details of the seabed with their surreal creatures, in the form of long evening dresses enriched with contrasting lace.

This collection explores Alberta Ferretti‘s perception of fashion and its past, bringing with it a dynamic point of view that embraces the identity of her style almost as if we were looking through the lens of a moving camera. A sense of lightness is achieved with brightness, turning this almost sentimental collection into a description of what is now. It is a moment of creative reflection, through which Alberta Ferretti sought out authentic creations.