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A look at the fun trends and accessories that you can’t do without for a dazzling winter 2015

There is no doubt about it — this season is bursting with amazing, exclusive details and accessories that will zest up and add personality to the basics of your fall/winter wardrobe, from your coat to your boots.

The first to become the “it” object of the moment, is the funny “fashion toy” carried with mock horror by the “it” model of the moment, Cara Delevingne, atFendi‘s show: Karlito is the bag charm doll in the likeness of Karl Lagerfeld. The boldest of you will dare to show it off on your purse!

The season’s must-have coat is the cloak, for a practical but still glamorous look (in jumbo stripes from Burberry Prorsum).

Warm, wrapping furs can’t be done without, this season in light or brightly colored hues, worn covering the shoulders, in long coats or used for details such as collars, shoes. Then there are the pieces embellished with timeless, soft feathers, shown off with sophistication by Valentino and Lanvin.

And it’s the most sensual, assertive material of all — leather — wins out over everything else, seen in softer hues like pink (see Tod’s overcoat). Leather is in the classic trench coat (soft nappa for Lanvin, or distinctive in a unique print for Burberry Prorsum) or studded leather with fine details (Saint Laurent). It is even boldly used for shirts (in soft, perforated nappa for Tod’s, with ruffles for Gucci) and for suits (Gucci).

Not to be forgotten: boots, definitely at least up to your knee, and again with tough details, like neo-biker padding, seen in gloves too (Balenciaga), used in other labels in an ultra-chic style, like jewelry (so for eveningwear.)

One caveat: amidst all this extravagance, you should keep your make up and hairstyles totally natural — warm beige tones on the face and your hair down with natural style, parted in the middle. But, don’t worry, a bit of eccentricity is allowed here too. Lipstick — no matter if you’re blond, brunette or redhead — is strictly red and matte.