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Do you feel like a wonderful, juicy T-bone steak, but don’t know where to find it? Do you want to be sure of choosing the right place and the best steak in Tuscany?

Dario Cecchini, an expert butcher and restaurateur, has made steak his raison d’être: at his restaurants, you will only eat top quality meat, in lively and informal surroundings.

On his website, Dario introduces himself in just a few, thorough words: “My name is Dario Cecchini. I’ve been a butcher for 38 years, seeking to perfect my art and find the right cut and cooking method for every piece of meat. At my restaurants, where we all eat together in a convivial manner, you will be able to appreciate my quest for quality”.

Besides his shop and restaurants, this unusual butcher has also devised a set of unique initiatives to allow consumers to become more familiar with what they eat: from “Butcher for a day”, at which the participants learn to prepare the cosimino (meatloaf), sausage, or “Chianti butter”, to actual seminars on beef philosophy, called “To Beef or not to Beef”, which deal with cuts and techniques, before sitting down to eat.

In a context where hospitality is sacred and everyone is welcome, Dario has even designed a vegetarian menu, so that non-meat eaters can enjoy the special atmosphere of his restaurants without feeling left out.

Dario works in Panzano in Chianti, a small Tuscan town with breathtaking views and excellent wine, together with the best steak in the whole of Tuscany. Directions on how to reach Dario’s restaurants and shop can be found on his website.