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The bluest sea in 2017

Tuscany is peppered with Blue Flags, the clear water symbol that tells you where the cleanest beaches are, with 19 locations earning the 2017 award. Here are some of the most exclusive seaside resorts with the best beaches in Italy.


Viareggio has been on list since 1874 in and is one of the first establishments in Versilia. The project was conceived to create something different from the others, a single establishment that could represent the beauty, and active scene of summer days in Viareggio. You can enjoy the sea with all its comforts, stay in shape, eat well, have fun and spend a great time with friends. Balena Bath, a historic sea resort, was completely reconstructed in 2000. A multifunctional beach with a gym, restaurant, bar, spa, solarium and poolside events, it  has become a reference point for tourism and a host of leisure activities in the city of Viareggio.

Il bucaniere

In August 2011 began the new history of this restaurant, designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas. The beach is the place for families and children. The sea in front of the Bucaniere is cut off by is a flooded dam that makes the waters safe, low, ideal for children and families. Populated by many species of fish, these waters are an ideal place for snorkeling. For anyone wanting to participate in open-air fishing sessions, professional divers offer tours in the area. With 50 umbrellas in total, there is enough space between them to ensure maximum privacy. The establishment has a WI-FI internet connection.

Nano verde

The Nano Verde chiringuito Made in Tuscany, in the heart of the coastal park of Sterpaia, is frequented by sea and nature lovers alike, who wish for a holiday that provides the best throughout the entire season. The wooden structure is integrated with the surrounding environment, and many decorative elements characterize the area with fishing nets and hanging hammocks between the trees. You shouldn’t miss the aperitif with fresh drinks.