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Antiques, modernism and vintage

Since 1968, every first Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday the Piazza Grande and the streets of the historic center of Arezzo have been hosting the Antiques Fair and entertaining visitors with a great variety of objects.

On 2 June 1968 the Antiques Fair of Arezzo was born by the hands of a savvy dealer, Ivan Bruschi. Bruschi, inspired by the flea markets in Paris and London, succeeded in making this open-air market exhibition known around the world. In 50 years a host of celebrities have walked among these stalls, including Pablo Neruda, Ornella Vanoni, Monica Vitti and many others. Since then, the same success is repeated every first Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday.
The event unfolds in a complex and beautiful path which starts rom the beating heart of Piazza Grande and runs along the squares and streets of the historic center of Arezzo. The Fair welcomes a wide variety of exhibitors and thousands of visitors from all over the world.
Hundreds of exhibitors showcase art objects, furniture, jewels, clocks, books and antique prints, scientific and musical instruments, toys, bed linen and all kinds of collectibles that won’t fail to enchant visitors from around the world.

Until 31 December, unique documents, accounting sheets and a wealth of unpublished material (letters, personal notes, photos, etc.) will be exhibited in the Ivan Bruschi museum. The exhibition shows the Antiques Fair through the eyes of its inventor Ivan Bruschi, and includes over 70 photos and newspaper clippings.