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Italy’s great art exhibit

From 26 September to 5 October the 29th edition of the BIAF – Biennale Internazionale dell’Antiquariato di Firenze will open, with 88 markets of antique and modern items, of which 27 foreign, who will be exhibiting their carefully selected items at Palazzo Corsini sull’Arno.

“Even more quality and an international feel confirms that this is an ideal and fascinating window on Italian artistic tradition”, a Biennale that will be thrilled to have artist Jeff Koons inaugurating the edition, with works by the artist exhibited across Florence.

A number of novelties will pepper the exhibition, which is inspired as always by the sumptuous architecture of Palazzo Corsini.

The statement staircase, which has recently been restored, will be put under the limelight.

The entrance from the Lungarni will be made easier, and the Salone del Trono in particular – a large room of 3400 sq ft designed by Antonio Maria Ferri between 1684 and 1696 – for the fist time will not only serve as an exhibition venue but as a meeting place and will be enjoyed in all its splendour by visitors.

On Thursday 24 September a welcome dinner will be held in the Salone del Trono to celebrate the guests with wines from the Antinory cellars, followed by a fireworks display on the terrace of Palazzo Corsini.

This Biennale promises to be an international event that the city of Florence will be hosting fully, with many businesses, hotels, restaurants and boutiques in the city centre taking part and doing their utmost to welcome visitors.