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The theater of the Italian Song festival

Ariston Theater is not only the largest theater in Sanremo but also the venue, for more than 30 years, of the Sanremo Festival. Its famous facade is now part of the collective imagination of Italians due to this special television event which has contributed to the history of Italian songs.

In the fifties Aristide Vacchino decided to buy the soil on which the theater would rise. A building that, in particular, could collect the artistic legacy and grandeur of the historic “Principe Amedeo” theater in Sanremo destroyed during the war in 1944. The Ariston, the cinema-theater capable of 1960 seats, divided between audience and gallery, with 16 stages, was opened on May 31, 1963. As early as its opening, the Ariston represented a conspicuous example – perhaps unique in Italy – of a multifunctional complex distinguished by comfort of the interior design, elegance of furnishings and decorations (the large fresco on the ceiling is by the painter Cuneo), avant-garde technical solutions, remarkable scenic equipment, multimedia systems and services.

Located in the center of Sanremo, in Corso Matteotti, the theater was usually used as a multiplex cinema but has become famous since 1977 because it annually hosts the Sanremo Italian Song Festival (which was previously held in the Casino). The Ariston Theater of Sanremo is a unique theater in terms of size and characteristics because it has now entered the collective imagination of the Italians. Nowadays, the Ariston Theater is not only the location of the Sanremo Italian Song Festival. Just think that in its wonderful spaces the Ariston Theater hosts the review of the Song of the Premio Tenco Award and events such as poetry, ballet, opera, conferences, exhibitions, television broadcasts and various musical events that contribute to making it a symbol of Sanremo all the year.