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Don’t crack under pressure. This is the hashtag slogan invented by Tag Heur to promote and share watches of the highest range.

For over 150 years, TAG Heuer have continued to take up the most daring challenges and then some. Their craftsmanship has gone beyond the century-old conventions of watchmaking to achieve ever higher levels of performance and precision. They set their own rules, dictate their own pace, and continue to outdo themselves without ever compromising or giving in to pressure. Don’t crack under pressure pays tribute to the determination of the brand and its testimonials. By emphasising the pressure exerted on athletes and the intense effort required of them, the campaign demonstrates how sports are actually more about mental than physical performance.

As part of the new TAG Heuer campaign, supermodel Cara Delevingne was at the auction in London for the original visual of the Don’t Crack Under Pressure campaign by photographer David Yarrow. The image is strong, the message powerful. A few meters from the jaws of a lion, Cara Delevingne, proud and determined, has a look that pierces the lens. The new face of the Don’t Crack Under Pressure campaign, the model is an authentic source of inspiration, is bold and impertinent, embodying contemporary youth like no other. Independence, strength and courage are the values shared by TAG Heuer, who organized the auction. Housed at the Maddox Gallery in London, the original print of the TAG Heuer campaign was auctioned at a record price of £120,000. All proceeds will be donated to the Cara Delevingne Foundation, which fights for the emancipation of all young women in the world.