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When you’re a rock star with planet-wide success, it is essential that your look is impeccable. Many have tried, but few have succeeded. From the first bands of the ’sixties to the boy-bands of the ’nineties, who has really left a mark?

One of these is certainly Sting. A member of the punk-rock group, the Police, now a soloist, he shows absolute taste and over the years has created a style of his very own, followed by many.

His real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner and his nickname refers, of course, to his clothes.

Just like a bee, the young Sting wore a yellow-and-black striped football shirt. His friends started calling him Stinger, a nickname that became very popular in its abbreviated form ‘Sting’ and is still with us.

His stage name has brought him good luck and it would now be unthinkable to call him anything else, since his character, his music, and even his style are decidedly ‘stinging’.

Because he has spent decades in the limelight, he likes mixing various genres, also in matters of fashion.

The first image of Sting is associated with striped shirts, oversize blazers and tapered trousers, the typical look of male fashion from the end of the ’seventies to the early ’eighties.

His look changed when he became a soloist. Sting changed his life together with his wardrobe, transforming himself with a more elegant and chic style.

If you want to take inspiration for your look from Sting, you’re really faced with an embarrassing choice. What’s certain is that your wardrobe can’t lack a leather jacket, double-breasted if possible, in view of his passion for buttons.

Jeans and skinny trousers combined with contrasting wider forms, like dolcevita and silk scarves.

One constant in his style, both on stage and when he’s not wearing a rock star outfit, is his fitted tee-shirts that show off his athletic figure.

For a man of over sixty, it’s certainly satisfying to be considered an enduring style icon and sex symbol.