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Historic photographs on show

Forty years of Steve McCurry’s masterly photographic work are celebrated through 100 shots in a suggestive and fascinating exhibition at Villa Bardini in Florence.

From 15 June to 16 September, the Villa Bardini’s rooms host a large retrospective dedicated to the work of Steve McCurry (Darby, PA, 1950), one of the greatest masters of contemporary photography. The exhibition ‘Steve McCurry. Icons’ showcases over 100 photos to document the best that the American artist has achieved in 40 years of activity. The exhibition takes visitors on a symbolic journey into the complex universe of experiences and emotions that typifies his images, exploring countries such as India, Afghanistan, Burma, Japan, Cuba and Brazil.

Steve McCurry is one of the greatest masters of contemporary photography and a point of reference for a large audience, especially young people, who recognize a way of looking at our time in his photographs and, in a certain sense, ‘recognize each other’. Many of his images have become icons that are known the world over, starting from the Afghan girl published by National Geographic. For about 30 years, Steve McCurry has been considered one of the most authoritative voices of contemporary photography. His mastery in the use of color, the empathy and humanity of his photos ensure that his images are unforgettable. His work has been used on covers of books and magazines, has published several books and boasts many exhibitions across the globe. His works tell of conflicts, of disappearing communities, of ancient traditions and of contemporary cultures, but always puts humans centre of stage, an approach that has turned his most famous image, the Afghan girl, into such an overpowering picture.