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A new digital project

A brand new digital project by Stella McCartney dedicated to a sustainable world offers us a chance to find out about the brand’s commitment to nature and its respect for people.

Stella McCartney has been bringing a responsible revolution to the fashion world for years, as part of a mission that this year has become the cornerstone of a digital project dedicated to the company values and organized according to thematic areas. Stella McCarteny started her awareness campaign far back. She believes that we can truly make a change and have a duty to do so. This daily challenge allows the fashion world to create luxury products in a way that is adapting to today’s and tomorrow’s world, which can be beautiful and sustainable, without compromising.

Every decision that Stella Mc Cartney makes in terms of production is in line with her commitment to the future of fashion. Alternative and experimental materials, faux furs and cutting-edge technologies are just some of the tools used to reduce the impact of fashion on the planet.

Cashmere, for example, is one of the most precious natural materials in fashion, and Stella McCarteney is helping to protect its future by implementing re-use and recycling processes. Stella McCarteney’s viscose also comes from sustainable sources that protect ancient forests and animal species. A tracking system allows you to check the origin of all viscose, ensuring it comes from forests that are managed in a sustainable way. Organic cotton by Stella McCartney doesn’t make use of toxic and persistent chemicals, improves soil health and increases water conservation. These conscious choices aim to improve the environment, but above all to create sustainable and responsible luxury products.