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Elegant fashion

Stella McCartney’s luxurious and eco-friendly fashion has always been a point of reference in green revolution.

Stella McCartney seeks responsible sources for her fashion production. An ecological sense of responsibility that respects the planet, people and animals that live in it, within the activities of the maison but also the supply chain.

Stella McCartney is the first and only brand of animal-free luxury in the world, a way to protect animal life and nature itself. The company does not use leather, feathers or fur in any of their products, collaborations or licensed products. A choice dictated by ethical and environmental reasons that in fact has allowed Stella McCartney to be the leader of an unprecedented green revolution in the fashion world.

Plants, wood, recycled fabrics, organic cotton, regenerated cashmere and forest-friendly fabrics are a selection of innovative materials which allow Stella McCartney to express sustainability in beautiful and modern clothes and accessories. For each clothing item created, a shop opened and produced, the company continues to worry about the impact on the planet in search of unprecedented ecological perfection. All ready-to-wear collections, shoes and handbags are produced in Europe, and Italy is the largest country for the supply of raw production materials.

Sustainability also inspires other business areas, including offices and boutiques, which are created and handled in the most ecological way possible.
All of Stella McCartney’s boutiques and offices in the United Kingdom exploit the wind power provided by Ecotricity, a company that invests in clean energy revenues from its customers’ electricity consumption. Outside the UK, offices and boutiques use renewable energy when available.