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A surprising collection

For the first time Stella McCartney puts herself to the test with a line dedicated to the male wardrobe. A surprising collection, long overdue, which is a significant turning point in the fashion house’s traditional style.

Stella McCartney’s male debut for Spring-Summer 2017 is inspired by the aesthetics of underground subcultures to create classic timeless pieces. British style blends with sportwear, redefining the limits between fashion and function. The creative investigation that Stella McCartney continues from the beginning reveals itself in a mix that plays on male sensitivity and spontaneity. The materials are respectful of ethical philosophy, with organic cotton, jersey and denim, as well as regenerated cashmere, sustainable and recycled nylon viscose.

The men’s items by Stella McCartney are unusually proportioned, available in black and bright green prints and featuring a relaxed modernity. Each piece looks like it could come from an eclectic wardrobe with a slightly vintage feel. The shirts are thin, oversized, chinos and cargo pants are creased with lines and coulisses. The coats are practical but unusual in their sizes and with a particular emphasis on the pockets. The trench coats also have a relaxed cut in various shades of khaki, beige and midnight blue.

Knitwear offers a wide variety of styles, from frayed edges with decorative embroidery. Regenerated cashmere sweaters have a V graphic detail on the front and ribbed polos are easily worn under clothes. The t-shirts with graphic prints exude a cheeky charm. Slogans such as “Tomorrow”, “Nice One” and “Members And Non-Members Only” evoke moments of transgression, while a mix of prints depicting the king of spades and infantry, camouflage patterns, elegant swallows and flowers.

Sporty and functional accessories are made of sustainable materials to meet the needs of the Stella McCartney man – with organic cotton and recycled nylon sneakers and travel bags in eco-nylon. Simple chains, square sunglasses, socks and scarves, which are inspired by the world of football, give it all a peculiar look.